January 17, 2017

Tourism and activities

The gîte "entre les deux monts" is situated at an equal distance from two hills of the Scheldt plain : 

    - Mont Saint Aubert (147 m) 

    - the Mont de l'Enclus (141 m)

In addition to a breathtaking view of Tournai, Mont Saint-Aubert offers many hiking and cycling trails. Lovers of steep slopes and enthusiasts of steep paths, the summit of the Pays des Collines: Mont de l'Enclus and the surrounding hills invite you to take a walk. A breathtaking view of the Scheldt plain awaits you. Straddling Flanders and Wallonia, you will take a series of roads, dirt tracks and forest paths that will lead you to the ridge. Along the way, don't hesitate to stop at one of the many café-restaurants or at the Maison des Randonneurs... other hiking ideas await you!

When you reside in the area, you will be tempted to get to know it better. Below you will find some interesting information and links to regional sites.

The Tourist Offices of the region

Tourism in the province of Hainaut.


La maison du tourisme de Wallonie Picarde : the essential site that tourists must visit :


pictures here


The tourist office of the city of Tournai :

Kortrijk Tourist Information Office:

Kortrijk-logo-quadri photos here


The tourist office of the city of Lille :

logo_lille_tourism photos here


Activities in the nearby area :

La Feuillerie: 4 unmissable events for real plant and garden lovers.


photo here or video here


A first flight? Aerodrome of Amougies.
Photos here


Aeromodelism : le club éole de Pottes


The Kluisbos Recreation Centre at the top of Mont de l'Enclus.


Equestrian centres in the region
The Quesnoy merry-go-round. Dressage, national jumps.


La ferme du Harby: an educational farm but also folklore with cabaret evenings and a country festival.


Stable Celles Crinières


Reception halls and restaurants in the area

Le domaine de Jaurieu : reception hall, paintball, laser tag, team-building, archery tag...
domain-de-jaurieu-logo    Photos here


Taverne du Lait Buré


The Gasthof palace at the top of the Mont de l'Enclus


The 5 Bell Towers at the top of Mont Saint-Aubert


Sports and well-being

Wellness and fitness centres. They are numerous in the region. Here is a small selection:

- Moonlight


- AquaSunFit

logoaquasunfitphotos here
- Octavie

logo-octavie-centre-well-being-150   photos here
- The Welfare Farm.

logo-lfbe-200x100 Photos here



Walks in the region

- the hikers' house
- Walks and hikes in the region of Celles.


Historical sites :

Notre Dame à la Rose Hospital





The Car Museum



The castle of Beloeil.


The Aubechies Archaeosite  

Local festivities

Gymkhana de Molenbaix.


Popular: one of the biggest dancefloor